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From Nicholas on 13 Nov '99
replying to tracking BUYERS, not visitors posted by marge clark

>I use web postion's traffic analyzer to track traffic to my site,see
>which internal pages are viewed, where visitors come from, etc. It works
>well and I'm glad I bought it.
>BUT... I am looking for a way (other than a market research ?aire, which I already use) to find which BUYERS are referred from which sources.
>Is there software out there which will "backtrack" so that someone who hits the "success", successfully placed an order, can be backtracked to see 1. the route they took thru the site, and 2. what site referred them?

Huh? AXS will do that. Have to put server-side includes
on your pages. It lumps together visits from a specific IP address.
It usually shows discrete visits as long as you don't sample more
than a few hundred records at a time. (Unless you're getting a
preponderance of traffic from certain IPs, and then it could get

You could write a script to extract all the hits for the success page,
then all the hits from those particular IPs. Then sort by IP address,
then time.

Or did you mean something more automated, running off the common
logs? Haven't seen it. Might write it someday. Do you think
webmeisters would pay money for something like that?

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