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Re: Amen
From marge on 14 Nov '99
replying to Amen posted by Nicholas

>Huh? AXS will do that. Have to put server-side includes
>on your pages. It lumps together visits from a specific IP address.
>It usually shows discrete visits as long as you don't sample more
>than a few hundred records at a time. (Unless you're getting a
>preponderance of traffic from certain IPs, and then it could get

so running it on a daily basis would work...

>You could write a script to extract all the hits for the success page,
>then all the hits from those particular IPs. Then sort by IP address,
>then time.

write a script? moi? you obviously think you are talking to someone who speaks perl java and exotic foreign languages like that! ;-)

>Or did you mean something more automated, running off the common
>logs? Haven't seen it. Might write it someday. Do you think
>webmeisters would pay money for something like that?

I know I would! If you could come up with something that showed buyer #1 came from and buyer #2 came from wherever.

can you see how effectively that would let me gauge any efforts (financial or otherwise) to build not just traffic, but BUYERS?

As of right now, my site uses NO cookies on the visitors. I find them irritating myself, and don't want to irritate potential buyers. But ONE cookie...say when they go to actually spend money...that would 'select' their "referring source" maybe?

See, I have spent a little money this year, advertising on places that SEEMED to make sense. But the market research ?aire doesn't support that that was effective.

and being able to track actual buyers would let me hone in on what works, and ignore what doesn't.

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