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Re: Amen
From Nicholas on 14 Nov '99
replying to Re: Amen posted by marge

>write a script? moi? you obviously think you are talking to someone who speaks perl java and exotic foreign languages like that! ;-)

Sure, tu. Thought you were already kinka tech.

>>Or did you mean something more automated, running off the common
>>logs? Haven't seen it. Might write it someday. Do you think
>>webmeisters would pay money for something like that?
>I know I would! If you could come up with something that showed buyer #1 came from and buyer #2 came from wherever.

I knew I had a reason to learn C. =:-o

>can you see how effectively that would let me gauge any efforts (financial or otherwise) to build not just traffic, but BUYERS?

Yep. I go round and round with the database boyos on this one;
they babble of their data mining prowess, I look over the results
and say "Nice work, lads. Now where's the gold?"


>See, I have spent a little money this year, advertising on places that SEEMED to make sense. But the market research ?aire doesn't support that that was effective.
>and being able to track actual buyers would let me hone in on what works, and ignore what doesn't.

Might want to read a direct marketing book or two. Bob Stone's
Successful Direct Marketing Methods is the bible. A lotta people
are reinventing the wheel on the web.

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