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Re: The art of web site architecture
From Woz on 19 Nov '99
replying to Re: The art of web site architecture posted by Nicholas

>>>Does anyone know of a program specifically designed for mapping out
>>>web site designs, something to graphically show pages, scripts,
>>>and links? (Dreamweaver will map a site, but that's only after the
>>>site is up.)
>>I am afraid I use very ancient, tried and tested technology.
>>Pen & Paper... Although I would also be interested in any current replacements.
>Woz, our esteemed intellects soar to the same apogee. Yeh, it's the
>pesky customers I have to satisfy. Picture their humiliation as they
>show pencil sketches to their investors. Imagine the Pope's dismay
>as Michelangelo showed him the first draft of the Vatican.
>Think I may just use Excel 97. I've made a template page with a mass
>of snappy nodes and arrows pasted in along the bottom, and I drag
>those into a layout. Looks technical! Knew 97 had to be good for

Hmmm... sounds interesting. care to send me a copy?? wbone at

Many Thanks in advance,


(I like the esteemed intellect bit; very funny..)

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