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Re: shipping costs
From carl ballew on 21 Jan '99
replying to Re: shipping costs posted by Jim

>>Hello. I am currently working on designing a web site for my new
>>business, which is selling mobile home/manufactured housing parts
>>and supplies. The only mental hurdle I haven't cleared yet though,
>>is the shipping costs for some of the heavier items. Does anyone
>>have any thoughts, or know of any sites/businesses that seem to be
>>successful selling their (perhaps larger and heavier)products over
>>the internet, despite the possible hinderance of expensive shipping
>>costs? Thanks very much for any input.
>The Web is not suited to physical heavy goods. If your competitor is
>selling the same thing as you on his Web site, he can afford to sell
>at a lower price to his local customers, that's all there is to it.
>If you're based in the USA, think yourself lucky since you have 85%
>of the market cornered compared to the poor guy having to ship to the
>USA from abroad.

I am inclined to disagree with Jim's blanket answer. I have domains
which ship carpet and rugs all over the world. I can easily think of
two exceptions. One, the product is made locally, and therefore any
competition incurs basically the same shipping charges. Two, the
product carries such a tremendous mark-up in a given locality that
there is ample room for both a good profit AND shipping charges. I
would recommend a little research before discarding the idea.

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