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From Marilou on 2 Dec '99

This is really for Jim, but would appreciate all comments.

early last year Jim recommended Hurricane Electric as good hosts.

I have 4 domains with them and have found their service excellent in every way.

Now, however, 3 of my sites have gone from 0.5Gb traffic in Aug to 7Gb+ in October..

The pricing structure at Hurricane allows 10Gb for $60 per month
which has been go over 10Gb the next jump is to 30Gb for $299 (3 times the space for 5 times the cost..)

I can afford the cost but I have done very little promotion so far and I fear that if I seriously begin promotion I will also go
over the 30Gb.

I'd be interested to Jim's comments (ie what has he done about this) and from anyone else.

(A local firm here (New Zealand) offers unlimited traffic on US servers (similar to Hurricane) for about $45 per mnth....) But everyone says steer clear of 'unlimited' because connection efficiency will suffer??

Many Thanks Marilou

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