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Re: Hosting
From Nicholas on 2 Dec '99
replying to Hosting posted by Marilou

>This is really for Jim, but would appreciate all comments.
>early last year Jim recommended Hurricane Electric as good hosts.
>I have 4 domains with them and have found their service excellent in every way.
>Now, however, 3 of my sites have gone from 0.5Gb traffic in Aug to 7Gb+ in October..
>The pricing structure at Hurricane allows 10Gb for $60 per month
>which has been go over 10Gb the next jump is to 30Gb for $299 (3 times the space for 5 times the cost..)
>I can afford the cost but I have done very little promotion so far and I fear that if I seriously begin promotion I will also go
>over the 30Gb.
>I'd be interested to Jim's comments (ie what has he done about this) and from anyone else.
>(A local firm here (New Zealand) offers unlimited traffic on US servers (similar to Hurricane) for about $45 per mnth....) But everyone says steer clear of 'unlimited' because connection efficiency will suffer??

That is a very weird pricing structure. You're paying $.006/mb now,
and additional is $.039/mb? The 30mb plan only looks good when
compared with the $.039. I'd call and ask what the concept is...
Mike Leber's the big chiz. (Don't say I sent you ;-)

Yep, I've found their service excellent too, as opposed to all the
other hosts I've used, which varied from inept to horrific.

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