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Re: Adding Chat to Site
From Inachu at Help Desk on 29 Dec '99
replying to Re: Adding Chat to Site posted by David A

For those who have been chatting for years on the internet you could always use IRC chat.... CGI is great for new chatters being web based and all but MANY also use irc.... Check it out!

>>I am looking to add a chat function to my website.
>>What I wish to do is schedule free chats with well-known
>>people in the gardening field so people can log onto my
>>site and discuss issues with them.
>>I don't want to just have one of those "free" chat providers
>>with their ads and junk. I want to be able to put my own ads up
>>I figure on having to purcahse commercials software, because I want
>>LARGE rooms (like 100+), I guess more like an e-auditorium with
>>question and answer.
>>Has anyone done this on their web-site, or do they know of any
>>commercial software that accomplishes this?
>>Much Thanks
>I've never installed a chat room, but here is quite a few scripts ,most are free.
>I think the amount of people they can handle is usually based on what the server can handle not the software. Also be sure to check with your web host, many don't allow chat scripts due to the load it puts on the server.

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