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Re: copyright information
From Mikkel on 21 Jan '99
replying to copyright information posted by Lisa


Copyright is a compicated issue. Basically all "artistic" work is protected by international copyright laws. The only problem is that not all countries have implemented the international agreements on the issue in the same way - and some countries have not implementet any copyright laws at all.

So what law do have an effect on what you want to do depends on what country you are in. And what country is the Internet? Well, nobody really knows for sure.

I am from denmark and have studied both the danish and international copyright laws intensively from my 15 years in the recording business and here it would be illegal to use any text from a book without the written acceptance from both the writer and the puplisher. But if you go to a country like Jordan you could do it without violating any law (last time i checked on it at least they did not have a copyright law at all!)

If i was you, Lisa, I would ask the puplisher of the text you want to use before using it.

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