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Re: image offsets
From Inachu at Help Desk on 20 Jan '00
replying to image offsets posted by stan

>Hey how do you get your pictures to be in the same place in all browsers.... I've notices internet explorer loads a picture in a slightly higher place than netscape... is there anyway to overcome this ?
>thanks for the help in advance .....

From read I have read here and other places on the internet you are best off
not using Front Page or Netscape Composer in the beginning(also Notepad).

Use something like homesite 4.o or Netobjects Script builder.

I have seen that Front page and Netscape composer and notepad
violates the code and rearranges it to its own way.

I have tried setting it up so it the programs don't do this.

A good example of code being violated is Netscape composer and front page
put in their own meta tag that say it was created using .... etc.,etc.

then the programs format the html in a different way.
Homesite 4.0 and Script builder do not do that..........

Well thats one possible way image offsets can occur.

Another is that you might have some carriage returns maybe within
your table? Also make sure you cell padding and table width are set
to ZERO unless you want to show the tables............

Tables are tricky sometimes. It's normally within tables
that most people mess up I think........
That's why I forced myself to learn NOF(net objects fusion)

You can just click any item on your site you are building
the items are called objects and you can position it anywhere and
do object properties and choose how you want the page to show under
various browser versions.


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