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Re: ISP monitoring your activity
From Inachu at Help Desk Club on 22 Jan '00
replying to Re: ISP monitoring your activity posted by David Peterson Harvey

I used to work at

They keep logs of everything.

At the time while employed there the sysadmin was growing
tired of DOS(Denial Of Service.) attacks and abuse of shell accounts.

At erols they have to keep a sharp eye not just in general for
security reasons but also Virginia is considered the ISP capitol of the world and
the other #1 reason is that hackers usually hang out near the
erols internet sales kiosk at the Pentagon City Mall on the first
friday of every month. The secret service came by and tried to shut them down.....

But you can read more about it on the online 2600 magazine.

ALSO they keep logs of url errors.
There used to be a bug that you could attack a server inside a browser
just typing in the code in the url location.

webjump used to have this bug but I informed them for free of charge.
They did not believe me until I told them their server password.
They since then have patched this bug.


>While this is technically true, most ISPs keep their people so busy that they barely have time to go to the bathroom, let alone look at what you're doing.
>You're right, they can and will investigate what you are doing if they suspect you of illegal activity.
>When I first set up our account, I didn't know what spamming was, and learned the hard way. Then, some friends and I got into using nonexistent email addresses to play jokes on each other. My ISP saw that and called me down for some things I hadn't done. Namely, making threats to someone else using a false return address. After doing some groveling, and proving I didn't even know the person receiving the threats, they decided not to pursue it further.
>So, boys and girls, be good for goodness sake. You better watch out, better not cry, better not pout, I'm telling you why. The ISP is coming to town. ;-)
>>They will only do that kind of stuff if you are doing anything illegal and are under investigation...
>>But they can do it at any time they like to for training purposes and such.
>>They(your ISP) can learn the following.
>>What phone number you are using.
>>What modem you are dialing into.
>>What kind of computer you have.
>>What browser you are using.
>>What IP addresses you visit.
>>What files you download.
>>And with any type of legal action being done they can
>>record and read your email.
>>Thats why you should use the free email service at
>>I believe its the same with newsgroups.
>>>How much personal activity information can an individual's ISP monitor?
>>>Does the ISP have the ability to see every URL the client visits?
>>>If the ISP is also the news server, can they monitor all the
>>>client's newsgroup activity?

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