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Re: Postitioning popup windows
From Jonathan at Acorn Lodge Holiday Accommodation - Bushmills on 3 Feb '00
replying to Postitioning popup windows posted by Jeff


Here are some ideas for you to play with. I hope they will help you out, though there are probably better ways.

>I'm playing around with a small popup window. But I would prefer it to
>popup in a specific part of the page, say the bottom left quarter.As it

Add this line after the "<script>" in popup.htm:

>Also can a delay be programmed so the new window opens perhaps 5 seconds
>after the page is loaded?

For a 5000ms (5 second) delay, change this function in directory.htm:
function openpopup(){
setTimeout('"popup.htm","","width=290,height=180,scrollbars,resizable")', 5000)
I think most people would close it straight away, but maybe this'll take them by surprise...

Good luck,

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