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Re: Printing out HTML pages, @#%*!
From Nicholas on 3 Feb '00
replying to Re: Printing out HTML pages, @#%*! posted by Deb

>>I'm struggling to make an HTML printable order form print out
>>on a single sheet of paper, regardless of browser or printer.
>>"Keep it short" is not the solution, because the order form
>>must be big enough to be usable by the customer.
>Been there done that!
>>Does anyone have a theory/formula on how HTML prints out?
>>(There doesn't seem to be any link between screen pixels
>>and printer dpi.)
>Not really sure about this one, but I seem to recall trying to effect
>the same one page faxable form for conferencing, and the 'experts' at
>the time said short of a PDF downloadable file format (and they offered
>to create a 'click here' button for those folks without acrobat to be
>able to download the program to get the file). I opted out of that
>scenerio because I thought the extra step might put some 'less literate'
>computer users off. So, we never did solve the dilema. This was a
>number of years ago, so perhaps a solution has developed I'm unaware of.
>I must say if it hasn't...there is one hot idea for some programer to
>stake his claim to that would be worth it's weight in gold!
>Anyway, that's the only 'fix' I'd come across and so continued to
>receive 2 and even 3 page faxes of my one page form, depending on
>the various font sizes people had their browers configured to.
>Sorry I couldn't be more help...

Deb, you're always a help, and always germane. Least it spreads the pain. :-) Yeh, I must have been talking to the same 'experts': order a visitor to download Acrobat for the priviledge of doing business with me....

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