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Re: Printing out HTML pages, @#%*!
From Woz on 4 Feb '00
replying to Re: Printing out HTML pages, @#%*! posted by Deb

I have seen a few sites with text files for their printable order form.
Not so professional looking but at least you can predict what it will look like, well mostly. Worth a try??


>>>Sorry I couldn't be more help...
>>Deb, you're always a help, and always germane. Least it spreads the pain. :-) Yeh, I must have been talking to the same 'experts': order a visitor to download Acrobat for the priviledge of doing business with me....
>Flattery will get you everywhere...:) But isn't that one of the
>Jackson brothers??? <just joking...I know it's really a bavarian!>
>You know it just occurred to me...the reason I wouldn't go for the
>Acrobat solution was my fear that many 'newbies' mighten bother, or
>worse, be frightened off by the process.
>But think about it, if a person has the wherewithal to follow download
>directions to print out a PDF file, wouldn't they have enough savvy
>to reconfigure their browser to print out your page on one piece of paper?
>So, maybe just posting a printout instruction page might help. Step by
>step directions on how to reconfigure Netscape or Explorer <shiver> be
>it a 15", 17" or 21" screen. I mean what the heck, they may give it a
>go...just to save paper...:) You could make it a gateway page to the
>form so they'd at least have to *see* it before they moved on to the
>fill in stage....of course what the configurations actually are is
>another question, and I'm afraid I don't have the answer for that one.
>Just some more random thoughts...I'm full of em...:)

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