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Re: Printing out HTML pages, @#%*!
From Gdog Gdo on 4 Feb '00
replying to Re: Printing out HTML pages, @#%*! posted by Woz

>I have seen a few sites with text files for their printable order form.
>Not so professional looking but at least you can predict what it will look like, well mostly. Worth a try??

Guess I'll try that; loses proportional spacing, but it should
be predictable. So you survived, Woz!


>>So, maybe just posting a printout instruction page might help. Step by
>>step directions on how to reconfigure Netscape or Explorer <shiver> be
>>it a 15", 17" or 21" screen. I mean what the heck, they may give it a
>>go...just to save paper...:) You could make it a gateway page to the
>>form so they'd at least have to *see* it before they moved on to the
>>fill in stage....of course what the configurations actually are is
>>another question, and I'm afraid I don't have the answer for that one.
>>Just some more random thoughts...I'm full of em...:)

I cringe at asking customers to invest any labor whatsoever.
1% of the visitors won't do this, and 2% won't do that,
and pretty soon you're talking real money. The sum of
these small indifferences begins to look like a "Java
Required!" blunder.

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