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Re: Search Engine v/s Portal
From David A on 25 Feb '00
replying to Search Engine v/s Portal posted by Priti

>I am interested in knowing the diffrenec between a search engine and a portal. Is Yahoo a Search engine or a portal? People talk about getting their sites Mapped in a portal. What does this mean?
>What does a portal site do and what does it offer? Also I have heard about Vertical Portals? What are these?
>What are the main features of a SearchEngine? I know one site Is it a portal or a search engine?
>Can we have our own web-sites listed thru a portal or thru a search engine?

A search engine is a program and database which crawls and records websites. Inktomi is the most notable. Many portal sites use Inktomi like Yahoo, Hotbot, MSN.

A portal is a collection of links. All of the major search engines and directories are portals. Go to The search box is a very small area of the page. The rest is the portal, get it?

I can here your next question. What's a directory? A directory is a human edited and compiled list of websites. Like Yahoo or Open Directory. Wait you said Yahoo uses the Inktomi search engine. Yes first Yahoo searches and displays its directory listings then it searches and displays Inktomi listings. Most portal sites offer both. Some form of directory then supported by a search engine.

Inktomi is not a search engine you use directly instead its liscensed out to other third parties, like Hotbot. Open Directory is free and is used as the directory part of many portals.

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