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Re: Am I the only one who isn't wowed by Flash?
From mose on 20 August '00
replying to Re: Am I the only one who isn't wowed by Flash? posted by David A

whats all this about sites using flash bieng slow?

I have been creating my first flash site recently (it's not up yet) but I am quite amazed at the loading speed and the size of files that i am able to create. 10kb graphics turn to 1kb graphics etc etc..

Also, the mistake flash builders are making is that they seam to think that the site has to be one large file rather than many smaller ones dispersed on the page with standard html.

My initial index.htm page loads at 10kb (inc flash files) where as the same site with conventional grahpics is around 40kb.

Theres also another huge advantage to flash. you can build a large site with one program - laziness, sure but pretty handy.

and, maybe the sites all look the same due to designer unoriginality rather than the program itself. A case of the program leading the designer and not the other way round?

>I have 2 points:
>First all Flash starts to look the same after awhile. Look at 10 different Flash sites then try to remember the third one you looked at. Can't do it.
>And Flash should be reserved for sites where the intent is to entertain. Movie sites, Band sites, Radio sites, etc.

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