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Yahoo story: explain this
From Jim Perry at Palmares of Elite Women Cycle Racers on 9 Oct '00
A common refrain on this bbs is "why won't Yahoo! list my site" accompanied by
appropriate expressions of exasperation. Well, here's a twist. Why did Yahoo! _list_
my site?

Actually, it is not even a site. It is a page within a site. The web site is the "Palmares
of Elite Women Cycle Racers" at It has been listed in
Yahoo! (Recreation/Sports/Cycling/Women) for about a year. This came about after
several attempts over several months, all accompanied by appropriate expressions
of exasperation.

Now, all of a sudden, two of the interior pages of that same site show up listed under
the Recreation/Sports/Cycling/Cyclists category and I didn't even submit them! The
listed files are at .../palmares/reinhart.htm and .../palmares/watt.htm.

This appears to violate two precepts which I had previously thought to be pretty well
established. First, that you had to submit the site in order for it to be listed (several
times, at that). And second, that they would not usually list an interior page.

Ah, but there is more. For quite some time, the Reinhart file was listed at the top of
search engines in response to a search on "Nicole Reinhart". Now it has disappeared
from at least the first several pages of, say, Remember, this was after
Yahoo! listed it in its directory!

There is some history to this. Nicole was tragically killed in a bicycle race on September
17. After that event, Yahoo! carried a news story in their daily features section in which
they referenced the page in question as an information source (apparently they found it
by searching in their own search engines from which it has now disappeared!). Several newspapers around the country picked up on that and likewise referenced the page. In
the next week, it received over 5,000 page calls. That is when Yahoo! listed it in its
directory .

Does _anybody_ have an explanation for this?

Jim Perry

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