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Could this happen?
From Jake at Slender Goddess on 8 Dec '00
Hello. This site is awesome. I stumbled across it while searching Yahoo! to find ways to get traffic on my site. First, I'd like to start off with a little bit about myself, as it is relative to my situation. I'm 16 yrs old, in high school, and don't have a job :(. I just recently (like last friday) created a website that has some poems that I have done. Other people that have read them said they are really good, that I should consider a career in this, etc. I shrugged it off because it was more or less a hobby, whenever I get the hankerin to do it.

So, I made my site, and found this site to get more hits on my site ;). I didn't have anything to sell, so I just followed the tips about how to get on Yahoo!, etc. After I read all that info, I went onto the 'Power Promotion' section of this iste (I think thats the name).

I was getting up from my computer like 10 minutes ago to go do something, when I thought to myself jokingly, "Hrmmm, I should have something to sell". I searched my brain for just a sec to see if I had any spur of the moment ideas that I could sell. I didnt, so I just went on. I was not seriously considering it at all, but then it hit me....sell poems. Others have said this before, but I never really took any real interest in it (this was a few months ago). But now that I had a website already up, and this site to go buy, this seemed to be actually within my grasp. Sell poems, custom poems maybe...who knows.

My question is, could I actually pull this off? How does one go about actually creating an online business? I'm new to the whole creating website thing, much less on how to start a business. Any comments, suggestions,information, or anything would be greatly appreciated.

-Jake Hutson (and remembering the thing about always having a sig)

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