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Re: Loss of GOTO keyword tool
From CyberEye at deadlock on 23 Jan '01
replying to Re: Loss of GOTO keyword tool posted by Jim

>Thanks David, I know about Wordtracker and I'm already considering paying for their service (at least occasionally). But I really liked the GoTo tool.
>CyberEye, I take your point about the results being skewed by webmasters, etc. But I think you may get that with the other portals anyway and maybe that evens the effect out. Also, you don't get numbers beside each related term (on AV, Hotbot, etc). That was the best part with GoTo.
>It's a shame if they decide not to bring it back :-(

Jim, since Truth And Meta Tags Are My Life, this is just a friendly response, nothing more, nothing ulterior intended, and I will then be "off the case" :) It is true that the suggestion box gave you the number of inquiries, etc., but, over a necessarily broad span of time and practice, I have personally found it to be not really representative of what's hot and what's not. On the other hand, if you do a search in, say, NBCi, it will suggest other words and phrases, which it considers Important, ergo you are shortcutting the entire "what 'important' phrase shall I choose process." However, other methods of analysis must concommitantly be employed. suggestions are OK, yes, if taken with a cautious grain of salt. All of these utilities are helpful but necessarily subsume to good old fashioned digging through the SEs by hand (by mouse?), and ploughing out the goodies :)

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