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Re: Using a number in a domain name
From Darryl on 15 Dec '98
replying to Using a number in a domain name posted by Heidi

Yahoo is the only SE that have humans look at your site and decide if it is worthy. When you typed "multimedia developers", did you notice Yahoo only high lighted the word "multimedia developers". Yahoo looks for the words you type in the Title (which is high lighted in blue) and the description. So if you typed "bicycle crash", Yahoo would pull up everything that had these two words in it. Then it would it would pull up listings for each word separatley.

The word "3Dcompany" was probably not highlighted.

Remember Yahoo wants content, useful info for their viewers. Not just an advertisement.

>My husband and I are starting a multimedia development business and are researching names.
>When keying in "multimedia developers" in Yahoo! there a hundreds of returns (obviously).
>The top returns are sites titled with numerics ie: "3Dcompany".
>Does Yahoo! allow submissions with numerics, if indeed they are legitimate domain names and company names?
>We are building the name from the ground up with a good Yahoo! listing in mind, and need to know if this will work.
>Thanks a million in advance!

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