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Re: Message Boards?
From Jim Perry at Palmares of Elite Women Cycle Racers on 14 March '01
replying to Message Boards? posted by Gil

I'm not sure exactly what script this site uses, but you can get free message board scripts at Matt's Script Archive (and other places as well, I'm sure): They offer WWWBoard. There is also something called WebBoard, but I don't know where to get it.

I have used Matt's scripts before (though not on my present site). They are easy to install and configure. The "Read Me" section which comes with Matt's scripts gives good, detailed instructions as to what to do.

You don't need to know anything about CGI (Common Gateway Interface) programming. Just follow the directions. You do need a server for your web site that offers a cgi-bin (that is for binary, not bin) access. Just upload the scripts into the cgi-bin.

The one tricky part is setting the permissions. That depends on what you use to upload the scripts with and what kind of server you have. I used telnet and a UNIX (actually LINUX) server. The setting of permissions is actually quite elementary and is explained in basic, introductory books like "UNIX, the Basics".

Your SYSAD should be able to help if all else fails, but try, try, and try first. That's how you learn!

Jim Perry

>Can anyone tell me how to get a message board like this one going on my site? I've found "free message board" sites, but they all lead the user away to their site, which defeats the purpose of having it as a promo tool for my site. I've been told they involve pretty intense CGI (?) programming. Greek to me, I have basic HTML skills. Any help? Thanks Much...GP NY,NY

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