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How to increase your response rate by 340%
From Brian Terry on 25 March '01

I thought you might find this interesting as it clearly points the
way forward for advertising on the Internet over the next few
years. Especially in the use of media rich technology.

If you are interested in some more details on the improved
effectiveness of using Rich Media here is the report:

To save you some time here is what I found in the report...

Rich media banners and badges provide advertisers
with a way to present additional content and
interaction within traditional ad sizes, including
468x60, 120x240, and 125x125. With several different
technologies available, rich media banners and badges
offer a great deal of flexibility. According to
studies, they can also lead to significant
increases in response, brand perception and recall—for
instance, a Wired/Millward Brown Interactive study
showed a 340% increase in banner click rates when
rich media was used.

To track each ad you only need one ad not half a
dozen each with their own
unique number.

This is done via a new development in Flash
technology called clickTAGs.

I've also found more figures on the number of people
who can view Flash animations.

Here is snap shot view of Rich Media statistics:

Percentage of:

Sites within DoubleClick network that support rich media1

Increase of click through rate when using rich media over .GIF

Gain of advertising awareness between rich media over .GIF

World wide users that can view Flash

World wide users that can view Java

Player penetration of Flash 2 in US

Player penetration of Flash 3 in US

Player penetration of Flash 4 in US

Advertisers expected to dedicate more than 10% of their
budgets to Rich Media in 2000

Advertisers that have deployed Flash

This is where the above stats came form, check out the links here for
more information:

Here is how the survey was conducted...

The evidence really points to Rich media being the way forward for
people advertising on the Internet today.

It wasn't so long ago that Java was more popular than Flash!

On a different note...

Here is a site you can use to test your site in different browsers
plus lot of other good stuff, it's a great resource.

I hope you find this useful in some way.

I have a great series of free reports here for
anyone interested increasing the pull on website
copy by a massive 1800%!

Many thanks!


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