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Re: E-Zines
From Inachu on 29 March '01
replying to E-Zines posted by Bridie Herfield

If you send a html document to people who do not support it then it will look really bad and they will see the code and all and will n ot look very good.

Other spammers do this without thinking what it look slike on the recieving end. I would use plain text until you are sure you target audience is either outlook users or hotmail users.


>Six months ago I didn't know what a URL was, now i'm a webmaster, which explains some of the glaring gaps in my knowledge.
>I've got my site set up OK and now i want to market it. I've set up a newsletter in Word 2000. I thought sending it by e-mail would be easy - according to the microsoft manuals it is.
>I've tried sending it as an atatchment but it puts it in a winwip file, so even my boss can't read it. What i want is to be able to send it as a html e-mail that shows up ok on systems that don't suport it. Is this possible?
>At the moment i can't even mail it to myself. I'm using a hosting company called doteasy which doesn't support html and my isp is AOL which doesn't have an SMTP but i've downloaded some software that lets me use aol to send e-mail with other software. I use outlook to read my e-mails. So what's going on?

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