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My 2 cents can be worth $1,000's
From Kevin Dickinson at Zip to Ryan's $100,000 Mail-Order Newsletter! on 18 May '01
hello Board moderator.. I'm not sure if my message below is appropriate.. it's not ad.. it's our marketing experiences that I want to share with marketers from other biz forums.. I'm sincerely sorry if anyone feels offended and please delete the message if you see fit.

... my name is Kevin Dickinson (Affiliate Relations Manager) for the Internet Marketing Intelligence.. I'd like to share with some of you of our marketing experiences.. and it would be more involved if you could share your thoughts.'s some good advanced biz stuffs: you should always post MORE THAN 2 pictures of yourself on your site... from experiences, I've learned that if your customers know WHO you really are, you'll have better chance to close more sales...

..yup, we designed our website ALL by ourself.. and you probably ask, "why does's design look so simple?" ... to answer your question, when we design there are a few things that we believe 'Net surfers will look for... believable, professional, knowledgeable, informational, and most importantly COMFORTABLE.. our website has an astounding sales conversion rate.. I hope you're familiar with Aweber autoresponder service.. we registered 2 accounts with them.. one is for subscribers.. and the other one is for customers..

....our PROFITS mega-ROCKET like crazy because we know WHEN and HOW we should approach a bewildered Internet surfer who is too freaking scared of SCAMS... we would try every single technique such as.. posting my picture up on the site.. deliver follow-up messages with autoresponder..

..WHAT we're trying to accomplish.. is to let others know that our "Customer Service" is LIVE, existing people who is not only behind the Worldwide Web doorway pages.. but we are also available in REAL LIFE to help ANYONE by e-mail, telephone, fax, ICQ, AIM, or whatever!!

.. as you can see, we're not too crazy about those zig-zag and flashing e-Commerce graphics.. what we do care is how we could convert clicks to sales... and we (believe) did an okay job there... also, our straightforward autoresponder follow-up messages made a lot of difference in converting those visitors into customers..

Just my 2 cents!

Best Regards,
Kevin Dickinson
Affiliate Relations Manager

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