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Re: Modifying a Yahoo Listing (pls help) Thanks
From Jeff on 11 Feb '99
replying to Modifying a Yahoo Listing (pls help) Thanks posted by Scott Thibodeau

>hi everyone,
>I am in deperate need of some help. I developed a website for a real estate agent quite some time ago. Before I had the opportunity to list this site with Yahoo, a friend of the real estate agents went ahead and listed him. Problem is, the agent is Re/Max and the listing says Century 21. I have email Yahoo at least 15 times regarding this error and its all fallen on deaf ears. I've used their online forms...everything that I can see on their site anyway and still not a bite. Does anyone have any other ideas or options to modifying this listing. It would be much apprecited.
>Scott Thibodeau

I think I'd telephone Yahoo! If a simple call doesn't help, I'd give
some thought to threatening litigation.

They have some real deep pockets. The may have no legal obligation to
put a site in their directory but once you're in, the may have an
obligation to update your listing.

As these Internet firms become bigger and more powerful, the courts
will start holding them to higher standards. Yahoo stock sells at a
huge premium because it has a lock on a big part of the internet.
That status gives rise to some obligations to the public. Some
Internet firms are starting to resemble utility companies

Lawsuits for screwups in telephone company phone books are common. Now
if the Yellow pages screwed up your listing 15 times you'd be on some
pretty good legal grounds to sue.

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