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How do I implement Hallway pages?
From Clare C on 25 June '01

I was wondering what the best way would be to implement Hallway pages? Currently I have several doorway pages set up and I was planning to list links to these pages on a hallway page.
My understanding of the hall page is a list of links to doorways pages that all point to the website of which you are promoting. You submit the index page and the hallway page of your site, and a spider will hopefully index the home page and follow the links on the page (this is where the spider should follow the link to the hallway page, therefore indexing the doorway pages.)
Does anyone out there know if you need to place links within the hallway page back to specific pages on the main site (so the search engines donít just think that the page is just a links to doorway pages.)
Can the doorway pages be placed in a sub-directory folder instead of residing at the root of the main website, does this make a difference?
As anyone out there have any suggestions on this matter?

Many thanks


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