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Fat, single men online-like this guy
From can't disclose thathigh class on 16 July '01
replying to Re: rather not say posted by Dale

Hey there, Tubby! Truth is I was just f#$@ing with you anyway. I just wanted to see if you're going to post it. I see that you have no intention of sharing your site with the people you brag to. No big surprise. I'm sure it looks as good as you. LOL (probably ranks as well too) - you get chat lingo, don't ya Tubby? Of course you do. Itís just fun messing with guys who get all brave and bold because theyíre on the web and can hide behind their little screens. You contradict people and tell everyone just how it is. While at the same time, you offer nothing to attest to your success. You hide on message boards and behind your little Ims with no real balls. Oh yeah, a journeyman? Thatís a joke and you know it. Go look in the mirrorÖfat, bald (this is the only part I had to guess), single, havenít been laid this year? Sound familiar? No, donít worry. I donít know you personally. I just know your type. So letís hear the comeback. Iím sure I wonít get it. Sorry, donít live in chatrooms. Now, run along and beat off to some good internet porn because we both know thatís where you're the man at! Ahhhhh, is the big man sad cause the mean little kid was right?

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