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Re: Iam new to this.PLEASE HELP!!
From jwj on 23 August '01
replying to Iam new to this.PLEASE HELP!! posted by Dennis

For search engines, you either need to create doorway pages,
gateway pages, or lose the frames set up you have. That's the
funkiest source code I've seen. You should have the MP3's
available right on your site (or at least 1 MP3). As you have
it, your viewer is taken to another site and then asked to fill
in personal information; I lost interest immediately. Also, call
them MP3's so people know the format right away. People lose
interest at lightning speed when they have to guess at stuff.

Rock music is such a broad genre, people need to know right up
front what you are other than good looking. You could do
something akin to, "if you like [band name, band name, and band
name], I'll be you will like us."

For fans who like to support local bands-- If you have one main
city you gig in, mention that city a few times in your main text
and use engine happy phrases like, "[city name] music scene" and
"live music in [city name]". And include the city name in your
keyword meta tags, as well as description meta tags and title

Post your info on other sites too.

(if you're in MD/VA/DC, post an email address for further help)

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