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Re: Looksmart not delivering!
From Mark Stockton at 1 Design 4 Life search engine positioning on 26 August '01
replying to Re: Looksmart not delivering! posted by jwj


I'm not sure what this other guy is talking about. Real live
human beings review your site at Looksmart and it is they who
write the titles and descriptions. Your meta tags, etc. do not
matter at all to Looksmart. If you feel they have given you a bad
or inaccurate description and you are not having much luck
emailing, give them a call. The number is on the site somewhere
and should be on your invoice as well.

Getting into AOL - there are two ways in. Firstly, and most
importantly, is through The Open Directory ( If you
have been accepted here, you will appear in AOL. The second
method is through one of the Inktomi powered search engines
( , for instance). However you can pay for rapid
inclusion (2-3 days) at . That will get you
into AOL,MSN,Hotbot,Freeserve and others within a week.

If you would like to know more about getting high rankings in
search engines, try this forum :

Hope this helps


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