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Re: Looking for : Coal Mining Investor
From Dennis Savoy on 19 Sept '01
replying to Looking for : Coal Mining Investor posted by Joko Suprayitno

You need a company that does Royalty financing.

Royalty-based financing can be a terrific, if oft-overlooked,
financing alternative for entrepreneurs like you who are
justifiably uneasy about giving up equity. Here's how it works:
Instead of taking a stake in the company as a venture capitalist
would, investors put up money in exchange for a percentage of the
company's future revenue stream. Although the terms of
arrangement vary from deal to deal, investors are generally
willing to accept a long time horizon for repayment sometimes as
many 10 years in return for anywhere from 2 percent to 6
percent of sales. If your sales fail to take off, the total gets
paid back over a lengthier period of time. If they skyrocket,
investors can recoup a tidy return well above and beyond the
original advance.

Good candidates for ROYALTY FINANCING include early stage
companies which:

are ready to launch a product
have wide gross margins that allow for a certain percentage to be
applied to royalty payments

have flexible product pricing that can be adjusted to cover
margins allocated to royalties

are capable of quickly generating sales to provide investors with
monthly royalty cheques.

>We looking for loan fund from serious and genuine investor for
>coal mining :
>+ Location : Gunung Batu Besar, Kalimantan Island, Indonesia.
>+ Total area : 4,950 Ha.
>+ Kind of coal : Gross Calorie Value 6,500 Kcal/Kg up.
>+ Status : Explotation.
>+ Project : for developt street and jetty.
>+ Company : Private Limited company.
>+ Document : All legal.
>+ Needed fund : US $ 4,000,000.
>+ Kind of party needed : Creditor/Investor as single buyer too.
>+ Term : Loan for 1 year.
>+ Interest and installment : interest 2 % up from CYBOR rate.
>Interest and installment both pay each month by coal selling with
>price 15 % below from International market price (pay with coal).
>+ Option : Creditor/investor have authority as single buyer for 3
>years with price 15 % below from International market price.
>Do not hesitate to contact me if you interest and need other
>Joko Suprayitno
>Phone : +628129482130.
>Fax : +6221-3858268.
>email :

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