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Re: Listing
From Hope on 27 Sept '01
replying to Listing posted by Suryo Pratomo

Your site is not optimized for the search engines. That is why
you don't have higher listings. There are a few things that you
can do.

First thing you need to do is make sure that you title,
description and keywords are different for each page. Every
page, even those within the frames need these.

You need to provide more text and information in the no frames
portion of the page. Right now it looks like you are keyword
stuffing. That can be viewed as spam.

Your meta description is pure spam. You need to give a brief
description of what you offer, but do not add you keywords there.
Not only does it look bad to anyone who can see it, but search
engines doen't like it.

You meta keywords are bad also. Do not use a word more than 2
times. I understand that you are using phrases, but every time
you type the word "vest" the search engine counts it (even in
phrases). While keywords will not help you much, but they can
hurt you.

Your pages have no text. This will not help you in the search
engines. You need text on your pages for search engines to like
them. They want content, content and more content. This is how
search engines rank. If you don't have content, then they do not
know what you site is about.

I hope this helps some. If you have anymore questions, please
feel free to ask.

>I'm wondering how to get my listing higher. I have our company
>website listed in most of the search engines even including
>Yahoo. I also read that resubmitting webiste doesn't guarantee
>higher listing and even it can also make the listing lower. So
>what should I do?

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