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Re: Spam-free bulk e-mail
From Hany Ahmed on 12 Oct '01
replying to Spam-free bulk e-mail posted by Pete

Dear Marketing Company,

I am starting a multi-level marketing business and am a novice at

beginning with this email. Your address was recommended to me
and I would

like to find out some specific information regarding your sending
of bulk

emails to thousands of customers with these questions in mind:

#1 What are the costs?

#2 What services do you provide?

#3 How can I reach you by phone?

#4 What are your business hours?

#5 If I decide to join your company, can I run a 25,000 email
test before

actually joining to determine if the mailing works?

#6 Are the emails sent to individuals who speak English. I
prefer this.

#7 Can I pay by credit card?

#8 Can I send a 10 page email?

#9 Do you provide a 5 - 10% additional emails with all mailings to
compensate for undeliverable addresses?

#10 How often does your company clean their lists of
undeliverable email


#11 Do you send emails which show only one emial address in the "TO"
location on the email?

#12 What is the wait period of bulk emails?

#13 I would not want to show my return email address when
sending out

emails. I don't want complaints or risk having my service

#14 Since new at this, would you provide help to get me started?

#15 Do you provide a referral program so that when I refer you

you will give me free emails?

#16 How does it work? Do I send you the email that I want you
to send out?

How do I track it?
Or do you have a tracking system of some sort to know how many
have been


I was referred to you by Ann LaBrash

Since this is new to me, I will start small, so the price needs
to be one

that I can afford, in the beginning. If all goes well, then I
can spend

more money, and have many more emails sent. The bottom line is
that I don't

have time to get the addresses myself and send out the emails. I

someone like yourself to target the market for me.

Please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank You,

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