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Re: Yahoo! Express
From T J Daniels at ''POETRY'' by: T. J. Daniels on 15 Oct '01
replying to Re: Yahoo! Express posted by Andrew

>If you're selling ANYTHING on your site, you belong in the
>Business catagory and are required to pay.......
>If you even WANT to be listed anywhere in Yahoo, you probably
>have to pay.
>The one "work around" would be to remove any referance to selling
>something, hope and prey to be listed (for free), then after
>being listed add the store section to your site........ of
>coarse, if your doing any business at all, in the time it takes
>to do this you'll have lost way more than the $199.95 it would
>have cost to get listed in the first place.

Andrew, I belive that Yahoo now charges $299. And as long as
people keeping paying... But you're right, sites lose money if
they're not listed. TJ

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