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Re: Are automated search engine submission software solutions any good?
From Inachu at Help Desk on 16 Oct '01
replying to Re: Are automated search engine submission software solutions any good? posted by clare

Most Search Engines will jus ignore if no changes were made.

I have seen in the past where just adding the revisit meta tag
killed my results and at one time knocked me right off.

I would rather build a site on content than with keywords for a
page that has no content yet. So build up your site. Use just 3-
6 keywords and do not use keywords in your description
metatags(dont cut and paste them. Really descibe your site in the
desciption. A one liner is best but if you offer a lot then you
could cut and paste and chenge the paragraph so it won't look
like what the index.html page has.

But other that the above info I found out it does not matter much
when using google since they seem to be the most honest search
engine out there and can or will base your site on
content+keywords but jsut again build for content and theme.

Good Luck!


>>>I am currently using commando pro to automate the submission of
>>>domains. The software is set up to repeat the submission routine
>>>every 25 hours. (However as it take quite a while to run through
>>>all of the domains therefore in reality the sites are submitted
>>>around once every week)
>>>Once the sites have been indexed in the search engines should I
>>>continue to use commando pro to continuously resubmit the sites,
>>>or would his do more harm than good?
>>>Any advice on this subject would be most appreciated!
>Hi dale,
>Thanks for the advice!
>So its best to submit our sites once a month. We are already
>using the META Tags that you have suggested. However as we have
>already been submiting continously, will this have had any
>negative impact on our campaign?
>Kind regards
>>I wouldn't do it weekly, eventually the spiders will find your site(s)
>>just make sure to have good Meta-Tags that can be also found on
>>your 1st for example only updates once a month,
>>something like this will bring back spiders.(after 7days)
>> <META name="revisit-after" content="7days">
>> <META name="robots" content="index, follow">

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