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Keywords/Phrases in URL
From Ken Vaughn on 11 Feb '99
Hi all,
I searched the archives to see if this has been addressed recently.
Am I correct in assuming that keywords or even phrases contained in
the url of a submitted site is THE most effective "strategy" for
getting high ranking hits from search engines?
Understandably, it is not something that can be done with the ease
of putting keywords and phrases within the code of a site. A guess
would have to be made as to what the best words/phrases are and then
those may already be registered, but when it can be done, is it
Specifically, I am talking about something like "photographytips".
This seems to me to be a highly likely entry for anyone looking
for information about Photography. There are many more possibilities.
If this is the case, (that this is what will cause hits before
the exact same words/phrases in the site code) then
it seems that even though for most, the idea of registering domains
such as .to and .cc or even .nu is not an attractive one, if a
germane keyword or better yet, search phrase for any given site
or business is available, that site or business would benefit greatly
from registering any available domain which contains good
possibilities. Even if a redirect was put into place to an
established site, it seems that it would be $70 very well spent from
a "position" point of view.

Am I way off on this?
Thanks for any reply,

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