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Re: Yahoo! Express
From Andrew on 17 Oct '01
replying to Re: Yahoo! Express posted by T J Daniels

yeah I read it....... but the last site i got "accepted" was such
CRAP (i was a wee bit early in submitting), that I think that if
you pay em, they'll pretty much list it.

>>TWO NINTY NINE!? wow, glad i got my sites in when i did. funny
>>thing is, the first time i had to pay (anyone still remember when
>>there was no charge?), i was SO apprihensive. The site went
>>"live" in their database on a friday. by monday, the messages on
>>my answering machine paid for the 'fee' many times over.
>>> glad i got my sites in when i did
>Andrew, me too. as I have nothing to sell, just showcasing my poetry.
>One thinn that many people dob't realise. The $299 is NOT for a
>listing. You're paying Yahoo to just LOOK at your site.
>This is from the their site:
>The Cost of Yahoo! Express
>Yahoo! Express requires a US$299.00 one-time, non-refundable
>processing fee per submission, or US$600.00 for submissions
>offering adult content and/or services.
>Yahoo! Express does not guarantee a listing in the Yahoo!
>directory, nor does it guarantee the type of placement or
>description that your site will receive if accepted.
>Please read our Yahoo! Express Terms of Service to review the
>terms and conditions of Yahoo! Express.

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