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Re: Keywords/Phrases in URL
From Ken Vaughn on 11 Feb '99
replying to Re: Keywords/Phrases in URL posted by Jim

>Having a keyword in your domain name is a very good idea. Having a
>keyword in a subdirectory or filename of the URL is a moderately
>good idea. However, without also having your pages properly prepared,
>neither of these tactics is worth a damn.

Ok, thanks Jim,
I understand and agree with; "without also having your pages properly
prepared, neither of these tactics is worth a damn."
Once again, I failed to be clear. My "propositon" regarding keywords
in the url was based on the "all things being equal" condition.

I know that there is no "single" technique to be successful with the
engines. But after noticing that in so many of my searches that if
the keywords I enter into the engine are in the site urls, they seem
to be at the very top of the listings.

Here's an example, I did a search from Altavista with the keyword
"Photoshop". All of the first then listings had the word "Photoshop"
in their page titles. But #1 and #2 had it in their urls.

Did another search on the keyword "Illustrator".
While all of the top ten had the word in their titles, the
#1 listing had the word in the url. And when I say url I'm talking
about what I would call the "root" url. The #5 listing had the
word deep in the url after 3 /s.

I'm not trying to say it is THE most important thing, or that its
the only thing one need do to ensure good listings, but It appeared
that it was a tad more important than "couldn't hurt".

But you are the man Jim, you wrote the book and I, on the other
hadn still have alot to learn.


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