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Re: How to Get My Message Board Started
From Dale on 30 Oct '01
replying to How to Get My Message Board Started posted by Kim

Sorry to tell you this but that has to be the worst forum I have
ever visited, dump it and get a good one, you will have no
traffic there at all. Everything I clicked on thier was a POP-UP,
and I hate pop-ups as do 85% of surfers, polls show they never
return to the site and esp if thier is more then one
popup...yours was never ending.

Best bet...get a new program. Also might want to do a little more
research in the HTML area, you coding is very shabby, sorry for
the bad feedback but its hurting big time in most area's.

Post back with a new forum :)

>I am starting a new message board and I am having trouble getting
>it off the ground. I was wondering if any of you know of how to
>get it going and any techniques that you may have used when
>starting your own message board. Any advice would be greatly
>appreciated. You can visit the message board throught the link
>posted below.

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