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Re: advertising
From Szolo at WordTracker Free Trial on 10 Nov '01
replying to advertising posted by hayley

Well - let's say for starters - we need to know how many visitors
your getting to your site. Then we can determine if you have a
conversion problem or a lack of traffic problem. If you don't
have access to log-tracking then - suggestion would be to start
out with some bids on and that will not
only deliver traffic for targetted terms - but provide reports on
the # of folks they send you. Don't get crazy on bidding - don't
bid more than 7 cents a click starting out....... you wants lots
of targetted terms for 5 to 7 cents per click......You don't want
to pay 30cents per click or even some are paying up to $4.00 a
click....... Getting started is easy - I think you can open an
account for about $25 to $50...... When looking for keywords -
use the free search suggestion tools - until you want to get
serious and then use WordTracker - the Free Trial link is listed

Best of Luck


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