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Poorly Performing Affiliate Site -- Need Advice
From Ron Devito at Matthew Lesko Your Source on Obtaining Free Government Grant Money on 19 Nov '01
I'm running an affiliate site that sells books on obtaining US
government grants. The site is operating on a very limited budget
and I'm currently using Microsoft's BCentral service. I'm lucky
if I sell three books in a month. I will admit there were some
problems with the site: I was using pages designed by
"corporate," put my info in it and blithely posted it. A heart
attack nearly followed my first run through an HTML validator. It
took me a few weeks just got the HTML validated. I'm quite
frankly still unhappy with the code, but I'll need to cross that
later...or perhaps after your reviews...a lot sooner than I hate
to admit. I work full-time and also run another side business, so
the site does not get as much attention as it possibly deserves.

I'd like to have the site looked at here to see if there is
anything within the pages that after 9 months of fooling with the
search engines, yield these poor results. Interestingly, I ran a
Google adword on keyword "government grants" (with the heading,
"US Govt for your share" (since that is what the
books help you get: government grants and freebies), and got ZERO
sales, though quite a bit of traffic during the period it ran.

To make a long story short, I'm soliciting your feedback on why
this site does not perform in terms of:

1. HTML, design, layout, etc.
2. Promotion or lack thereof.
3. Keywords, frequency, etc.
3. An honest evaluation as to whether it is worth throwing
hundreds or thousands of dollars behind an affiliate site such as
this, to promote it, or just let it run on its own steam.

I'm not looking to make a fortune off the site...I know I won't
when I'm competing against other affiliates, but I think the site
capable of selling far more than it does.

I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you in advance.

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