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Re: Poorly Performing Affiliate Site -- Need Advice
From Ron Devito at on 20 Nov '01
replying to Re: Poorly Performing Affiliate Site -- Need Advice posted by carl ballew


Good question. I'm selling Lesko's books, which contain
information on getting free government money. Basically, I'm
running a specialized booksite.

I see your point though, and it could be the root of the problem.
When I promote based on government grants, which is why I would
think one would buy his books, I get zip, nada, zilch.

When I stick his name in the tags and promote, I get the trickle
of sales. Strange.

>Question :-)
>Are you selling information on free government money, or Matthew
>At first glance, the entire site is geared to promote Matthew
>Lesko, and has very little chance of achieving rankings for any
>other relevant search keyword.

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