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Re: Help! Please!
From jwj on 30 Nov '01
replying to Re: Help! Please! posted by Karleigh

With a big enough budget, you could actually put banner or button
ads on other sites that target the same audience. Ads in
magazines as well. That's an idea from someone who has never
done that.

With no budget, See if other sites will trade ads with you. And
you optimize your site for search engines and submit it to the
engines. But that means you have to get inside the heads of your
audience and predict what they will type into the searh engine.

Truthfully, I don't know if you thought of this or not but I
think if a site or webzine is focus for a local audience, like
"entertainment / activism in Washington DC" is likely to get
found quicker than a site with no geographic root or focus. If
you are considering the local angle, I can give you more specific
feedback on what to do in preparing the site for engines.

Or similar to my earlier suggestion, have a front page for your
whole site but also make the departments very much like front
pages so that they can have a strong chance at the search engines
if your audience is looking for one of your departments, such as
"entertainment". I say this because it's not likely that anyone
will type in "entertainment, politics, music and fashion" at a
search engine.

Do you have your site on a server where we can see it? That
would help us give you feedback.

Also, a team of webzine writers and editors who are excited about
the webzine they are contributing to will be spreading the word
on their own time.

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