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Re: Help! Please!
From Karleigh on 5 Dec '01
replying to Re: Help! Please! posted by jwj

Once again you have forced me to explain further (which I
probably should've done earlier). Basically I been surfing the
net and building pages just as a hobby for about 5 years now.
I've actually been pursuing a carreer in music and about 3 months
ago I got what you could say is my big break. My family and I
found investors to fund the record label/entertainment company
we'd been making business plans for. Now we have offices and
studios and everything is rolling.

My cousin wanted to do a magazine and I suggested a webzine. As
we discussed it further I began to think of how much cross
promotion we could get out of using the label and the webzine
together. Music, like all other business, relies heavily on
promotion to sell product and that is where many new artists and
labels fall short. I think the major reason for that is that
promotion costs major cash. We do have an extremely generous
investor, but when your starting a business like ours at what
could possibly be the beginning of a recession, spending isn't
always a good thing. So what if we could somehow use the webzine
to help promote the label and vice versa? Like how the heck does
prince sell millions and millions of albums over the net? He has
a name already, but so does Mariah Carey and she can't sell a

Basically, I know that the internet is a rediculous promotional
tool waiting to explode because its(relatively)cheap and
effective at reaching a huge number of people. I don't think
anyone has really tapped into that aspect of it and I'd really
like to be the first, but I need to learn more about how sites
are promoted and marketed. once again, please help. (and thank
you for all your previous help)


Karleigh Harris
Kindred Entertainment Group

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