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Re: Other Promo Methods
From david@ionzonecom on 6 Dec '01
replying to Other Promo Methods posted by Mark Hawthorn

The main page and the flash pages will not rank any higher.
Concentrate your efforts on the non-flash pages. Search engines
don't read text inside flash therefore there is nothing on those
pages for SEs to rank.

>My web designer (brother) has been promoting my site for the last
>few months using Add Web Pro and I have been monitoring it using
>a program called Alexa. Alexa tracks your website ranking and
>gives you a world ranking. we have got ourselves from 2.5m + down
>to around top 200,000 using this but as of late our position has
>not moved much. This leads me to think that Add Web can only take
>us so far before we need another solotion to work alongside it to
>progress with our ranking. Feel free to view our site and let me
>know what you all think we could do or use to further promote the
>Mark Hawthorn

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