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Re: Website submission
From Bob Williams at Online Portfolio on 6 Dec '01
replying to Re: Website submission posted by Dale

>>How often should one be submitting their site to any search engine?
>>Once a week? Once a month?
>>Are their any meta tag tricks to try to get ranked higher?
>I only submitted once, the spiders will come back to your site,
>Great Tips

Current rule of thumb is quarterly for resubmitting your basic
URL to the major search engines, making sure that you have made
some change (however minor in text or graphic) to each page of
optimized content that you want to be taken into consideration.
The reason for this is: if you review your Web Logs, you will
see, under 'status/errors' that there is a code that tells them
if the files 'Have not changed since last retrieval.' This is
used as a comparative 'freshness' indicator, and a simple 'delta'
of content change will suffice in keeping your site appearing
'fresh' to the Search Engines.'

Exceptions include those that severely limit 'pages per day' as
it make take a while (Alta Vista, 5 max per day) to get all of
your pages submitted and indexed.

Recommendation is to break up your site pages into batches and do
33% resubmittals per month as an ongoing task to keep it

As to 'are there any tricks,' my standard response is... 'if it
looks too good to be true, etc. etc.' Most so-called 'tricks'
are very short-lived. It is in the best interest of the Search
Engines to detect and remove 'trick' pages as rapidly as possible
(sometimes severely punishing those who employ they, like being
banned for a year or more.) Much better off for you to simply
build a quality, content laden site and optimize it for the
keywords and key phrases that you want to get found under. It
works better in the long run.

Hope this helped. Regards.

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