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Re: FREE ezine promotion ideas please?
From Steven P at FreeStuff4Pets on 20 Dec '01
replying to Re: FREE ezine promotion ideas please? posted by Arun Agrawal

I agree about the Freebie, another alternative is for your
subscribers to be entered in a draw (Free of course). Once you've
set it up, you should write to Freebie websites [like mine ;)]
and tell them that you're offering a freebie. Most will list it
for free!


>You have to offer a freebie related to subject of your website to
>induce people to subscribe to your ezine. Then deliver good
>quality information thru the ezine to make them stay.
>Arun Agrawal
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>>I'm going to create an ezine and I have a $0
>>ad budget for ezine promotions. So any ideas
>>on promoting an ezine to gain subscribers would
>>be very much appreciated.
>>Assuming that I start with O subscribers and
>>that I have a website. Using those advertiser
>>turned subscriber produces subscribers who aren't
>>interested of my ezine. So targeted FREE promotion
>>ideas from you experts, amateurs and newbies will
>>be very much appreciated.
>>Please post them here.
>>Caleb Galaraga

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