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Re: Questions about search engine penalty
From anne on 24 Dec '01
replying to Questions about search engine penalty posted by Ken

>I had a site about computer security software and hacking.
>I managed to get this site ranked well on infoseek and altavista.
>Laterly I quit the business and started a different product, so I
> changed the content of the site completely.
>Of course, it has nothing to do with computer security but I forgot to
>put the site down from search engines.
>Infoseek, altavista and excite found out and canceled my domain from
>their list.
>Few months later, I got back to this business project, I thought I can
>get my site rank well as easy as before, didn't realize they banned my
>domain name and any site links to my domain (my freeyellow door way pages)
>If I change my domain name without changing my address, phone number
>and email do you think they will allow me to be listed if their software
>spiders database and found out that's me with a new domain?

sorry for my last reply .. mistake ..
so I repeat .. as it happened to me once .. I think that they'll
know who you are yes ..

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