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Re: Key Word Lists ... Please help.
From Hope on 22 Jan '02
replying to Key Word Lists ... Please help. posted by Keith Fogg

I would recommend you don't use commas, just spaces. You should
only use a word 1 time. There is no need to use it more than
once. You will not have a problem with people using "voice mail"
if you have those words listed.

You need to make sure that the words in your keyword meta tags
are also in the page you place them on. You should have a
different set of tags for each page. Add keywords to your title
and your description also.

I hope this helps.

>I am new to promoting web pages and need some help. I am
>compiling a list of key words and had a question about phrases.
>My company provides a voice mail service so I will obviously have
>"voice" and "mail" as key words. But should I also include
>"voice mail". If not then what would happen if someone searched
>for the exact phrase "voice mail"? Would my listing be retrieved
>as long as I had all of the words in his phrase? Thanks in
>advance for any help.

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