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Re: To recipro or not to recipro?
From Bob Williams at Freelancer on 21 Feb '02
replying to To recipro or not to recipro? posted by Dan Guay

>A couple of months back I submitted the Master Spas site to
>reciprolinks. It appears according to the google toolbar that
>they still have a high page rank. I have since seen a lot of
>posts about not using these link exchange programs. I removed my
>link to reciprolinks a couple weeks ago out of a fear of being
>dropped by google for using them. Should I contact recipro and
>get my link taken off of their site? Should I add my link to
>them back and not worry about this? Should I not worry about
>them linking to me and enjoy the 10 or 30 plus links back I am
>getting from them?

Link farms (as they are often called) no longer do you much good,
at least not with the major SEs. They will not help your rankings
with them and can, in fact, hurt them if overdone. Kinda like
doorway pages and doorway domains (identical page content with
slightly modified keyphrasing or multiple domains feeding the
same website IP address and submitted separately)

The reasons are fairly simple. Having tens, hundreds or even
thousands of inbound links from sites that have completely
unrelated content or visitor demographics to yours, that are
doing exactly the same thing can (and have) been figured out and
corrections made in their site evaluation algorithms in fairly
short order by the major SEs to prevent 'tweaking the system' to
your collective benefit.

There is an exception to this. If, in fact, you are exchanging
links from other related sites or sites that have a similar
demographic, those are recognized and accounted for. (Not sure
how the distinction is made, other than looking for telltale
'linkfarm' evidence.)

I do not use them (linkfarms.) The minimal bump in Link
Popularity on the secondary engines is not worth the aggrivation,
when the majors actively ignore linkfarm effects.

What I do is aggressively identify valid external links and link-
exchange with legitimate business sites with common visitor
demographics and worthwhile exchanges.

The results may not yield thousands of inbound links, but the
ones that I have are valid, relevant and maintain a basic
external link base for my clients. Hope this helps. Regards.

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